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"I really like Pretentious Game.” 4/5

“I like the way it breaks your expectations” - Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone

“Pretentious Game is one of those rare games on the App Store [...] full of originality.” pocketgamer.co.uk

“I instantly fell in love with its challenging charm.”

"Concealing a deeper meaning, Pretentious Game is an enjoyable platformer with a touching message."

“I can say that it’s refreshing to see something like this come along.” - arcadesushi.com

“A wonderful interactive poem that is touching but aware of itself.” - Vsauce

“Very well designed puzzles” - indiegames

“Pretentious Game is deceptively simple, but ends up reaching farther and deeper than it might seem at the start. It's easy to like it and the visual style and the puzzle aspect make for an enjoyable experience.”- jayisgames

“A lovely platformer” – rockpapershotgun

The game is a charming platformer full of poetry. First chapter will be available for free and the rest of the game at $0.99 via in-app purchase.


- A tale about love, transcendence and pursuit of happiness
- A powerful narrative through clever puzzles
- Innovative gameplay at each level that suits the story
- A journey driven by the enchanting music of Erik Satie

- Director’s Choice Award at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
- Best Story nominee at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
- Independent Games Festival Entrant 2014

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